It has been six months since RoboCup 2018 has finished. After a well-deserved holiday, the Falcons started working on many improvements both in the hardware and in the software domain. Time to show off the progress that we made so far!

MSL Workshop

Three team members have attended the middle-size league (MSL) workshop in Aveiro, Portugal, where they improved the MSL refbox, extended Cambada's real-time database (RTDB) and improved the MSL rules.

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The first match day is a fact. After a slow start, the Falcons performed reasonably well. The new multicam was still in a conceptual stage during the two games in the morning. As a result, localization, ball tracking and obstacle tracking was of low quality during the first two matches. Throughout the days the quality of localization, ball tracking and obstacle tracking improved a great deal, making the last two matches exciting.

Despite scoring no goals, the Falcons are looking back at a very successful day of multicam and robot integration.

Also, the results of the scientific challenge are in. The presentation of the Falcons was awarded the most points. However the scientific challenge is more than presentation alone. The Falcons won the third place in the scientific challenge.

The Falcons have played twelve matches in three days. We even scored a few goals. Unfortunately this was not enough to reach the semi-finals.

Overall the Falcons have been happy to play with the absolute top of the MSL. The performance of our robots and our team has increased a lot during the tournament. However, there is still a long road ahead of us to meet the speed and ball handling of the top teams.

After a smooth flight from Schiphol, the Falcons and their robots arrived in Montréal, Canada, ready to play some soccer at the RoboCup 2018!

The highlights this year are:

  • Multicam
  • Improved ballhandling
  • Improved ball and obstacle tracking
  • Improved tactics
  • Weight reduction
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