Technology is the future! So it is very important to increase the number of people interested in technology and having more students choose a technical studies/career path. ASML invests in Technology Promotion and being closely related to ASML, the Falcons Demo Team support the ASML Technology Promotion activities. We will also present and give demonstrations at schools or other places of interest.

Involved in activities like:

  • fair stands: Show the design of our robots, show live the camera vision and the driving of one of the robots with a joystick.
  • presentations/demonstrations on schools: Present the story of Falcons and ASML and bring our robots.
  • demonstration at Falcons Nest (our home base): Live demonstrations using an official size field.

 Some example events:

  • ASML Burendag
  • T-Dose Open Source event
  • High Tech Ontdekkings Route
  • Night of the Nerds

Looking forward to see you at one of our public activities!