The Falcons head to Germany to participate in the Robocup World Championship 2016.

This year the event is held from June 27 th – July 3 rd at the exhibition grounds in Leipzig, where we expect to face teams from all over the world.

Since we participated in the European Open at the end of March, we worked hard to further improve our robots:

  • We installed a 2nd camera at the goalie so it now sees high balls coming and also sees the ball from further away.
  • The integration team spent a lot of time testing the robots' accuracy. We now have better alignment between the hardware and vision.
  • The ball location is being improved so that instead of just detecting the ball location, we can now also calculate the ball trajectory. This makes it possible to intercept the ball, where in the past we only could move to the ball.
  • New software (built from scratch) for the team play. This software decides which robot is doing which role on the field. This modular team play software has a graphical representation of the decision tree which makes development and debugging much easier compared to the previous team play version.
  • The hardware and wiring in the robots has been improved, which increases the robot’s reliability.

We are eager to put all the improvements to the test against some very challenging competitors! Check the RoboCup 2016 website for more details.

Leipzig, we are ready for a great tournament!!!