At Falcons, we're a passionate team dedicated to the exciting world of complex, autonomous robots. While we may not operate with a formal corporate structure like ASML, we thrive on the freedom and responsibility that comes with our hobby. However, there are few things which we cannot avoid. This position involves various activities like Communications, Social media and Promotions, Logistics management and event organization.





The Falcons is a team participating in the RoboCup Middle Size League (MSL) of autonomous soccer playing robots. All ~30 team members are ASML employees, who share the same passion. We develop the hardware, software and tools all within our team. ASML provides facilities and budget for parts, but the hours we spend are not counted as working hours.


We have our own facility in Veldhoven at De Locht (10 minutes from the main campus). Here we meet multiple evenings per week to design, improve and further develop our robots, and have the possibility to practice with the robots on our own soccer field. We regularly organize a practice match against the VDL-RobotSports team to check our progress and identify areas where we can improve further.


Typically we play two international tournaments per year; Our ultimate goal is to become world champion in the MSL!






Non-Technical Roles at Falcons Application


  • Communications: Be the voice of Falcons, managing both internal and external communications to keep everyone informed and engaged.
  • Social media and Promotions: Create captivating content and promotional videos to showcase our amazing robot projects and engage our audience (both external and internal).
  • Logistics management: Ensure the seamless flow of resources and materials, making sure everything is in place when needed.
  • Event organization: Collaborate with team members to plan and execute robot-related events and activities.




The Falcons is a fun team working on complex, autonomous robots. We do not have a formal, “ASML-like” organization in place; we are all volunteers doing this as our hobby. This gives our members a lot of freedom, but also a lot of responsibility: when the match starts, the robots need to be ready to win!


Therefore we are looking for people that:

  • Are employed by ASML Fix or N1 Flex
  • Can make themselves available for at least 1 evening per week
  • Can work independently and are self-driven
  • Like to work on technical hobby projects in their spare time




Feel free to reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get in touch